Spring-Pink-2600W-Ceramic Solplate

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Anti-drip feature
Anti-lime protection feature
Self-cleaning function
Variable steam control

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In all areas of our lives, the way we dress and the way our clothes look elegant on us are influential in people’s thoughts about us. In addition to dressing well, having clean and wrinkle-free clothes helps us to reflect ourselves better and more regularly. For this reason, ironing is one of the most important household chores. It is a process that will support our appearance by preventing our clothes from looking uneven, wrinkled and bad. Fakir Spring Steam Iron provides you with the support you need in ironing with its different function and design options.

Effective Vapor Injection Technology
Fakir Spring steam iron works with 2600 W power. The iron, which provides 120 g of shock steam per minute and 30 g of continuous steam output per minute, easily straightens the most difficult and stubborn wrinkles and all textile products thanks to its intense steam pressure performance. Thanks to its 330 ml fixed water tank capacity, you can iron many laundry consecutively and uninterruptedly at once.

Slippery Base and Ergonomic Handle
The ceramic soleplate of the Fakir Spring steam iron glides on your clothes like oil and offers easy ironing comfort. The ceramic soleplate, which stands out as the best iron soleplate, does not stick to the fabric during ironing, unlike traditional ironing soles, and allows the iron to move easily on the fabric.

Integrated Descaling System and Drip Safety
Limescale is a factor that negatively affects the working performance of irons. Fakir Spring steam iron helps to prevent the formation of lime in the iron over time, thanks to its integrated anti-limescale system. In this way, the pores of your iron will not be closed due to limescale and the powerful steaming performance will continue without diminishing.

Weight 1.43 kg
Dimensions 13 × 31 × 17 cm




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Spring-Pink-2600W-Ceramic Solplate
61 $
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