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The Fakir Sun Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale has a high degree of accuracy because it has a built-in electronic load cell. It eliminates any human error. Also, it offers many useful functions such as saving past results, measuring muscle ratio, bone ratio, and recommended daily calory intake. That’s why many users choose the Fakir Sun Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale. It offers many modern features that meet your needs.

Reliable Body Analysis Scale with Smart Features

The Fakir Sun Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale offers you a high degree of accuracy. The results are free of human error, and it is designed to provide accurate results every time. The electronic load cell technology helps to generate precise results to within 100 g. This scale was created with the latest innovations in terms of weighing technology. It has a high precision sensor, and due to its extreme sensitivity, it can deliver optimal results. However, to get the right result without any confusion, you should be mindful of the weight limits: 180 kg / 400 lb / 28 stone.

A Durable Platform

Sun Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale is not only designed with innovative technologies but also has a durable 6 mm glass platform base with an LCD screen that allows you to weigh yourself or objects with ease. The scale platform offers convenient and adequate space to place whatever you want to get the most accurate reading. Place the weights or stand on the platform and distribute the weight properly.

Easy to Use and Calibrate

The Fakir Sun Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale offers simplicity of use, with automatic one-touch key starts. Calibrating the body analysis scale is also simple; you can calibrate with the press of a button. All of the digital scale?s functions are simplified and require minimal input on your part.

Recall Previous Results

Fakir Sun Bluetooth scales are equipped with multi-memory chips. This feature helps you record your measurement over time and keep track of your progress. Also, You can compare past and current scale readings; a feature that’s convenient for health-conscious individuals.

The Bluetooth 4.0 Feature

The Bluetooth 4.0 feature allows you to sync your scale with your phone via a smartphone app. It can generate a lot of data related to your health, aside from your weight, such as your BMI, muscle ratio, fat percentage, and many more. You weigh yourself and the data will be synced with the app on your smartphone.

Compact Modern Design

The Fakir Sun Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale offers more than functionality, it offers a modern, compact design that?s aesthetically pleasing and allows for easy storage. Even if you decide to place it in an open space, the modern design will not interrupt your home’s aesthetics. Also, the scale is very light and fully portable.

What Makes the Fakir Sun Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale Unique?

The Fakir Sun Bluetooth scale is made with reliability as a priority because weighing scales are an essential home appliance that don?t need replacing very often. They are a long-term investment, so you should choose a scale that matches your needs. Sun Bluetooth Body Analysis Scales are easy to use, simple and smarter. They are designed to make your life simpler and track your information with ease and convenience.

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Sun Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
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