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Many women dream of being able to go out every morning with their hair done as if they had just been to their trusted hairdresser. The current technology offers two possible solutions: an electric plate for silky-smooth hair and a rotating brush to create a blow-dry at home in just a few minutes. How about uniting these tools? This is possible thanks to Fakir, one of the best German engineering appliance manufacturers, who created the Pixie Hair Styling Set. This set contains both a rotating brush and an electric hair straightening plate, allowing for quick hairstyle changes. You can go from perfectly smooth to curly in just one day.

The complete hair set you?ve always dreamed of

With a power of 62 W and a power cord with a 360? hanging ring, the Pixie Hair Styling Set has everything you need. In fact, it has a practical LED light that indicates if it is on or off.
This set gives you the ability to create all the hairstyles you want using 5 different heads for hairstyles.
The set contains two curling irons of different sizes, 19 mm and 25 mm, letting you choose the type of curls you want most.
Two combs are suitable as forceps and are heat resistant. These combs are lightweight and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, making your hair perfectly combed and precisely groomed to defy moisture. The hair straightener comb is an excellent styling tool and a must for attractive and put-together looking hair.
Fakir uses tourmaline-coated ceramic plates and tongs that prevent frizz and fraying of hair. Doing so, it uses a fast-heating system of up to 200 degrees. Thanks to the ceramic, it ensures immediate and constant heat, essential for achieving exact results.
This set also contains 2 in 1 zigzag hair plates to get perfect curls or for straight and silky hair and oval tongs with wavy teeth for curly hair able to create particular hairstyles.

Smooth and Silky Hair Like You’ve Never Had It Before

The electric straightening plate is suitable for all types, but especially for smooth ones. It is a professional tool but still very simple to use several times a week. The straightener has many advantages over a hairdryer because it makes the hair shiny, preventing split ends and provides a perfect smoothness, just like a hairdresser does.

Curly Hair: How to Make it Perfect

The rotating brush is a hairbrush that releases a jet of hot air very similar to a hairdryer. It is equipped with a heated rotating cylinder that allows movement effects ranging from curls to wavy, even “dishevelled”, and they make your old curlers go the way of the dinosaur.

Convenient and practical to always carry with you

Thanks to a very practical travel bag, the Pixie Hair Styling Set is not bulky and very comfortable to carry on all your trips. You will never have to give up having a perfect style wherever you are.

Hair management has never been easier than this.

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Pixie Hair Styling Set
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