Execute Blade 2-Black-15 In 1

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The Fakir Execute 2 Blade is a state-of-the-art hair clipping kit for all your styling and trimming needs. This kit comes with various attachments and accessories?all with sharp blades that can improve your hair trimming experience tremendously. The accessories included in this kit are a barber?s comb, cleaning brush, maintenance oil, and a shockproof traveling bag. The Execute 2 Blade has several advantages that make it a must-have for your grooming supplies. Fakir?s Execute 2 Blade hair clipping kit also makes for a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion.

Stylish Results with High Power Hair Trimming Clippers

Fakir’s Execute 2 Blade hair clippers are equipped with a 3.2V DC motor that allows you to trim your hair with convenience. The powerful motor runs smoothly over your skin and will trim your hair to the length of your choice. The Execute 2 Blade hair clippers not only run smoothly but do so without slowing down or getting clogged. This acts as a safety feature to prevent any cuts on your skin.

Have a Variety to Choose From

The Execute 2 Blade hair trimming kit comes with six various attachments for your beard trimming and body shaving needs. It also comes with a precision detail attachment and an ear and nose hair removal attachment. The precision tools allow the hair trimming clippers to trim your hair to different levels, such as 1mm, 2mm, and 3-7mm. You don?t need to get your beard trimmed by a professional anymore. Fakir Execute 2 Blade beard trimming clippers made it possible in the convenience of your home.

The various attachments also come in different sizes, such as 4mm, 6mm, 12mm, and 16mm for the hair on your head. This allows you to give yourself a haircut without having to step out of the house. Not only that, the efficiency of this kit ensures that you get the haircut you desire, with no messy or random loose hair.

No More Nicks and Cuts

The Fakir Execute 2 Blade hair trimmer has a stainless steel double cutter blade that has a scissor effect when trimming your facial, body, and head hair. This stainless steel blade passes over your skin effortlessly and prevents any nicks and cuts on your skin. The Execute 2 Blade hair trimmer is the perfect solution to all your hair trimming needs.

Enjoy the Long Battery Life

Fakir’s Execute 2 Blade has many attachments, and in using them all, you may be worried about battery life. But you don?t have to be conscious about that with the Execute 2 Blade hair clipping kit. It has a long battery life, allowing you to use the hair trimmers for almost over 60 minutes.

Fakir?s Execute 2 Blade also has a magnetic and USB charger that lets you charge your device quickly. You can also choose between either of the charging sockets according to your preferences and availability.

Fakir?s Execute 2 Blade hair trimmer kit is an efficient way of trimming your hair, with advanced safety features that prevent any damage to your skin and the appliance.

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Execute Blade 2-Black-15 In 1
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