Lyric Song Hair Straightener White Pink

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How do you avoid spending many hours in front of the mirror among curlers, conditioners and creams, hair dryers and brushes in an attempt to create the perfect hair? How can you avoid seeing your trusted hairdresser every day? There is only one solution: Fakir?s Lyric Song Hair Straightener White Rose, a high-quality product made by Fakir, one of the best-known companies when it comes to household appliances that use German engineering.

Powerful and Practical to Use

With its elegant design and white rose color, Fakir?s Lyric Song Hair Straightener has a power ranging from 38 to 42 W, thus heating up very quickly and, consequently, also cooling down quickly while consuming less energy This comes in handy both economically and environmentally. It is equipped with a 360? swivel cord that increases flexural strength and a 2-meter-long power cord that will allow you to use it in any corner of the house.


It also offers a functional LED display with a temperature indicator that permits 5 levels of adjustment between 150?C and 230?C. Its ability to adapt to any type of hair is useful to have when you strive for getting the perfect style every day in just a few minutes.

Healthy, Straight and Shiny Hair

While such accessories were used only to straighten wavy or frizzy hair in the old days, today, the product offered by Fakir, being one of the most modern models, uses innovative technologies that allow for particular hairstyles and softer and silkier hair at the same time. This eliminates not only the frizz effect, but also the phenomenon of static and unruly hair caused by humidity. This gives you the look you want every day in a quick and easy manner, as if you had just left the hairdresser.


Fakir?s Lyric Song Hair Straightener is coated with tourmaline reinforced with keratin. Keratin is the protein that makes up 95% of our hair. It is activated once heated and enters deep into the hair fiber, triggering a real reconstruction that will make your hair disciplined and easy to handle and, above all, much stronger and healthier. It also has a rapid heating function, as the plates your hair comes into contact with are coated with ceramic, a material that ensures constant and immediate heat.

Professional and Safe

The Lyric Song Hair Straightener White Rose is also an excellent product for safety, not only due to the materials it is made of, but also due to its characteristics. In fact, it is equipped with both a plate lock and an automatic shut-off function which is there to prevent any accidents. Fakir has thought of everything and created a small, but very functional, appliance boasting good value for money. This is something all women should have at home because it guarantees a perfect style every day. And it is not just a perfect product: It can be said with certainty that not only does it not damage the hair, the keratin aims to regenerate it and make it healthy and shiny. Once you have used this product, you will wonder how you were able to do without it for so long.

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Lyric Song Hair Straightener White Pink
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