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Hair dryers are an essential part of a grooming kit because they not only dry your hair, but also style it the way you want. No one understands this better than Fakir, and this is why they have come up with a hair dryer that addresses every single aspect of hair drying and maintenance. The Fakir Twine Hair Dryer is a comprehensive hair dryer that has many convenient features.

Key Features Make Your Hair Great: the Fakir Twine Hair Dryer

The Fakir Twine Hair Dryer is designed with you in mind, so you can see that all its features offer a degree of convenience and comfort that are hard to match. With its professional features your hair can look like you have just left the hairdresser. A product of German engineering, the Fakir Twine Hair Dryer is smart and handy to use for many years of comfort.

Works for Any Hair Type

One of the first aspects that make the Fakir Twine Hair Dryer stand out is its versatility as it works great for all hair types. All that you have to do is change the setting and the dryer adapts itself for a different type of hair.

Another lesser-known aspect of the dryer is its wattage. Many professional stylists use dryers with 3600 W, but such a high wattage is not needed. Anything from 1800 to 2100 W is a good amount for home use and that?s why the Fakir Twine Hair Dryer comes with 2100 W, an ideal amount for all hair types. Such versatility makes it easy if you have to share it with other members of your family like your daughters, and it is also part of the reason why the Fakir Twine Hair Dryer is such a great investment!

Dry and Style with Fakir Twine Hair Dryer

An important aspect of hair dryers, or any other product for that matter, is the flexibility with settings. Your dryer must make it easy for you to switch between temperature settings, so you can use it for varying purposes, from drying to styling. That?s exactly what Fakir Twine Hair Dryer gives you. It even goes a step further and provides varying speed settings to dry different parts of your head.

A Plethora of Accessories for the Fakir Twine Hair Dryer

What?s a product without its accessories? No one knows this better than the manufacturers and designers at Fakir, and this is why they have come up with many accessories that are sure to make the Fakir Twine Hair Dryer your favorite hair dryer.

Its automatic cable winder is handy to use anywhere, even where the electric outlet and mirror are slightly farther apart. Once you?re done, simply wind down the cable, and store it in a compact place. The hair dryer can be folded so it can be preserved safely without occupying so much space. This flexibility makes it highly portable as well.

Fakir Twine Hair Dryer comes with a ton of accessories for styling your hair the way you want. Its cold-blow dryer button, diffuser nozzle, hair dryer comb, and concentrator nozzles give you the versatility to try out different hairstyles right at home without ever having to step out! The cover and hanging ring help with easy storage, as you can keep them in almost any convenient place. This can be particularly helpful for small places and vanities.

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Twine Hair Dryer
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