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The best hair dryers are light, simple to use, and reliable for a quick and quiet dry. These are the criteria we considered when designing the Fakir Sense Hair Dryer. The Fakir Sense Hair Dryer is lightweight, easy to use and built with completely modern technology. You can rely on it to dry your hair and leave itshiny and glossy for the rest of the day. The various benefits of this appliance make the Sense hairdryer a must-have.

Various Styling Sets with the Fakir Sense Hair Dryer

The Fakir Sense Hair Dryer includes the hairdryer and different styling sets like the narrow blow dryer and diffuser. Whether you have curly or straight hair, this hair dryer box set has you covered. The different styling nozzles not only help style your hair but also help maintain that style throughout the day.

The narrow nozzle acts as a concentrator to help create sleek hairstyles with straight hair and the diffuser nozzle defines curls and reduces the frizziness of curly hair. The different speeds and temperatures allow you to dry your hair while also preventing any tangling or frizziness. You can also shape hair more permanently with the cold blow dryer button.

Variable Temperature Settings and Touch Screen Feature

Fakir Sense Hair Dryers come with variable temperature and speed settings that allow you to dry your hair and conjure up different hairstyles at your own time and pace. You can opt for the highest speed if you are in a hurry and need to get your hair dry, or you can go slow and style your hair if you have the time. Whatever the circumstances, the Fakir Sense Hair Dryer will adapt. Also, there is a touch screen feature on the hairdryer so you can dry your hair with a single touch.

Higher Wattage

The Fakir Sense Hair Dryer has an AC motor that runs on 2200W that allows you to dry your hair fast. The high wattage of the Fakir Sense hair dryer works wonders for thick hair whether you want to dry or style them.

User-Friendly Design for the Best Hair Style

With its ultra-lightweight, easy, and handy grip, the Fakir Sense Hair Dryer represents one of the best designs you need from a hairdryer. Its compact and practical design means you can dry your hair with ease. Plus, you can clean the hair dryer thanks to a smart design feature.

Ultra Lightweight Hair Dryer

Have you ever had a problem traveling with your hair dryer because it won?t fit in your travel bag but hate using hotel room dryers? Then you are going to appreciate how lightweight the Fakir Sense Hair Dryer is. It is compact, lightweight and fits into your bag with convenience and ease.

Easy Cleaning with a Smart Design Feature

The Fakir Sense Hair Dryer has a removable filter cover for easy cleaning that enables you to clean the machine easily. With this feature, you can clean your hair dryer safely.

Hanging Ring for Practical Use

The Fakir Sense Hair Dryer comes with a hanging ring that means you can easily hang it in your bathroom next to your mirror. This ensures that the dryer is always accessible without taking up shelf or counter space. The Fakir Sense Hair Dryer is a compact and efficient addition to your bathroom and a lightweight traveling companion.



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Sense-Hair Dryer
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