Blackjet-Hair Dryer-Black

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Hair dryers have numerous features such as power, heat, air blowing levels. A hair dryer that cares about the health of your hair provides a perfect drying. The machines that give shine and vitality allow your hair to dry evenly. Hair dryers, which make it possible to shape permanently while drying, attract attention with their different models. Fakir Angelica Hair Dryer provides superior performance with its high power.

Fakir Angelica Hair Dryer and Various Styling Kits

Fakir Angelica Hair Dryer includes different styling kits such as hair dryer and narrow blow dryer and diffuser. Whether you have curly or straight hair, this hair dryer box set meets all your needs. Different styling heads not only style your hair, but also help maintain that style throughout the day.
The narrow cap acts as a concentrator to help create sleek hairstyles with straight hair, and the diffuser cap defines curls and reduces frizz on curly hair. Different speeds and temperatures allow you to dry your hair while preventing any tangling or frizz. You can also style the hair more permanently with the cold blow dryer button.

User-Friendly Design for the Best Hairstyle

The Fakir Angelica Hair Dryer represents one of the best designs you need from a hair dryer, with its ultra-light, easy and convenient grip. Its compact and practical design means you can dry your hair with ease. You can also clean the hair dryer thanks to its smart design feature.

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 11 × 24 × 29 cm


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Blackjet-Hair Dryer-Black
45 $
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