Pro Alpha Charged Hair Clippper

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The hairstyle is an integral part of grooming as it complements your overall look. Your confidence gets boosted up when you present yourselves with an added elegance. Therefore you should choose the perfect style that reflects your personality. Plus, most importantly, the choice of hairstyle depends on your hair type and length.

A professional haircut is a go-to option for most of you. But why do you need to visit luxury salons when you can cut and trim your hair from the comfort of your home. Introducing the latest pro series of hair clippers from the house of Fakir, the renowned manufacturer of home appliances, the brand aims to upgrade customer lives through unique products of which the advanced Fakir Pro Alpha Professional Hair Clipper is a must-have in your grooming kit. After all, life is short to have bad-hair days. So, make the most of this product that will exceed your expectations.

Why Should You Use Fakir Pro Alpha Professional Hair Clipper?

Cutting your hair at home has been considered a tough task all the time. However, with Fakir Pro Alpha Professional Hair Clipper, it seems an effortless job. You need not waste time hunting for sophisticated salons and hairdressers. Become your hairstylist with this incredible device in hand!

When you prefer to cut your hair at home, firstly, you need to trust the device. So, it?s highly important to bring home the right device that gives you the optimum sense of safety and satisfaction. So you can make your haircut an enjoyable experience with Fakir. Crafted meticulously with German technology, Fakir Pro Alpha Professional Hair Clipper is sure to grab your eyeballs instantly. Known for its quality and durability, this smart appliance is ideal for household use and makes your styling work simpler and stress-free.

Creatively Designed for Convenient Usage

The technical specifications of the product must be your priority when it comes to personal care products. Fakir Pro Alpha Professional Hair Clipper is ergonomically designed, paying attention to even the tiniest details. What makes it unique is its innovative design-build and simple operation that suits both dry and wet hair. The appliance is lightweight with a durable grip. It helps you to slide through your hair in a continuous motion without any hassle.

The friction between the stainless-steel cutting blades is smooth, enabling an even haircut. The product carries four varied sizes of cutting combs for different hair lengths allowing you to choose the comb and adjust the length of the hair accordingly. Fakir Pro Alpha Professional Hair Clipper sports a standard adapter for charging purposes. The cutting head, lever, protective cap, and removable combs are seated beautifully to help you handle the device with ease. The cordless operation withstands up to five hours. This modern and aesthetically pleasing device lets you cut and trim your hair with precision. It also features maintenance oil to lubricate the blades. On the other hand, the cleaning brush aids in maintaining the hygiene of the appliance.

The Suitable Hair Clipper for Your Gorgeous Hair

Indulge in a delightful and never-before hair cutting and styling session with Fakir Pro Alpha Professional Hair Clipper. This safe-to-use device requires regular cleaning with minimum efforts for long-lasting performance. You have to comb your hair gently from top to bottom before using the device to prevent tangling. Fakir Pro Alpha Professional Hair Clipper, built with global standards, gives you a lovely haircut with a flawless finish. Let your hair do the talking by giving it a complete makeover with Fakir!



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Pro Alpha Charged Hair Clippper
58 $
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