Stubby Beard Trimmer-White-Whashable

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Beard shaping devices come to the rescue of every man who is very meticulous about beard care. Fakir Stubby Beard Shaping Device, which draws attention with its useful features and stylish design among the must-have products for well-groomed beards, is a product that has been carefully designed to give your beard a new style.
Fakir Stubby Beard Shaping Device, which has all the features to care and shape your beards, has a superior performance. Beard shaping device; It allows you to shape your beard successfully with its blade features, charging time, accessories and design. The product, which allows you to have both well-groomed and healthy beards, gets full marks from its users with its stylish design as well as its powerful features.

Men’s Favorite Fakir Stubby
Fakir Stubby Beard Shaping Device offers a long-lasting use thanks to its removable head and stainless steel blades. The product also has accessories such as cleaning brush, maintenance oil and charging cable that offer ease of use.
The product, which can be used both wet and dry, is very easy to clean thanks to its washable cutting unit. The product has an adjustable cutting length feature so that your skin is not irritated. The product, which has an adjustable cutting length, allows you to achieve a beard model that reflects your style in minutes.

Advantageous Price Range
Fakir Stubby, which makes men’s life easier, is preferred with its product features and durable structure. This product, which pleases its users in every sense, also meets the expectations in terms of price. Fakir Stubby, which is offered for sale at a very reasonable price in the market, does not strain the budget of its users. Fakir Stubby, which stands out with the hair and beard trimming process performed in a short time, is designed as a product that can be used comfortably at any time.

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Dimensions 19 × 11 × 8 cm


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Stubby Beard Trimmer-White-Whashable
31 $
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