Torque 1800W-Meat Grinder-4 Cutting Discs

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The Fakir Torque 1800 Meat Grinder is a handy appliance that?s used for chopping or mincing raw meat. It is also useful for mixing cooked meat along with fish, vegetables, and spices to make a delicious dish. Coming from a leading producer of home appliances, Fakir, this product?s design and features are well thought-out and implemented. Specifically, it is designed with you in mind, so its features are sure to come in handy while using this meat grinder.

How to Use the Fakir Torque 1800 Meat Grinder

Using the Fakir Torque 1800 Meat Grinder is fairly easy. All that you have to do is place the meat on the input tray and turn on the power. From here, the meat is moved to a horizontal screw conveyor where the meat is mashed, mixed, or minced, according to the settings you choose. After going through this process, the chopped or minced meat comes out through the output plate and falls into the pan or plate you?ve kept below it.

Undoubtedly, it?s a much faster and more convenient way of chopping and mixing meat than doing it with your hands. Also, the electric motor adds to the comfort of a traditional conveyor that?s powered by hand movements. After you have done your work with the grinder you can clean up the disc storage slot.

Top Features of the Fakir Torque 1800 Meat Grinder

The Fakir Torque 1800 Meat Grinder is a comprehensive product that contains all the features you need to mince all kinds of meat, just the way you want. Also, its design and shape make for easy cleaning and maintenance as well. With its 1800 W power and metal gear system, the meat grinder produces well minced or chopped meat for your dinners. It has 2 speed settings to serve the exact recipe for your meals.

Making Meatballs and Sausages

Making meatballs and sausages just got easier with the meat grinder?s internal apparatus. All that you have to do is place the meat on the input tray and select the appropriate setting. That?s it!

The grinder grinds the meat and shapes them into meatballs or sausages based on your settings and will deliver them to you. With such a convenient feature, your entire family can enjoy some delicious meat, cooked just the way you want.

Anti-Clogging to Remove Stuck Meat

In a traditional meat grinder, if thick pieces of meat get stuck in the conveyor belt, you can pull them out with your hands, make smaller pieces, and put them back in the conveyor again. But what happens with electric-powered ones where the entire process is not visible from the outside?

The Fakir Torque 1800 Meat Grinder comes with a convenient anti-clogging feature that makes it easy to clear the jam. With its on, off, and rollback modes, you can simply press the appropriate setting to avoid this costly problem. This ?retrieval? system is what makes this product so popular among users.

Versatility to Handle All Kinds of Meat

The Fakir Torque Meat Grinder comes with three separate stainless steel discs and a line chopping one to grind different kinds of meat into a fine paste. These discs also give you the choice to mince meat or even mix them with vegetables to meet your preferences. On the other hand, the high-quality stainless steel blade makes it possible to mince the meat quickly and professionally so that you can enjoy delicious meals with minimum effort.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The Fakir Torque 1800 Meat grinder comes with components that can be disassembled for easy cleaning. Moreover, these components can be washed in the dishwasher. They can also be washed by hand if preferred.

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Torque 1800W-Meat Grinder-4 Cutting Discs
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