Juice Max-Juice Extractor-1000W-Stainless Steel Body

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Both Practical and Delicious!

To live a healthy life, eating natural foods and giving importance to fruit and vegetable consumption are among the issues that are frequently emphasized. While it is extremely common to consume fruits and vegetables in their solid form, turning them into liquids and making different mixtures is becoming a common practice day by day. Fakir demonstrates its claim in this field with its juicer models. With the Fakir Juice Max Solid Fruit Press, squeezing fruits and vegetables becomes extremely practical. The Juice Max model, which makes life easier with its flexible and practical usage features that it reveals in the dynamism of daily life, offers a full response to expectations with its quality structure.

Powerful Engine

Juice Max comes before the user with its 1000 W motor. Thanks to its 2 different speed settings, Juice Max allows you to choose the speed you want according to your ingredients and mixtures, and provides a working principle that is completely private and in your control.

High-Level Security Measures

The Juice Max juicer puts forward great safety precautions during use. One of them, the non-slip sole, prevents slipping while you operate the product. Thus, major disasters that may occur are prevented. The basic security lock feature prevents you from locking the product cover and spilling the materials you put inside. Thus, your kitchen and other utensils do not get dirty due to splashes that may occur while operating the product.
The speed control feature allows you to run the product for as long as you want or control your run time. In short, Juice Max offers you convenience, high performance and professionalism together.

Weight 5.43 kg
Dimensions 25 × 39 × 47 cm

Stainless Steel



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Juice Max-Juice Extractor-1000W-Stainless Steel Body
181 $
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