Erica Hand Mixer Red

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The poor Erica hand mixer is, as the name suggests, a portable handheld kitchen gadget. Thanks to its portable feature, you can use your mixer and then remove it to your cabinets and drawers so that it does not take up space on your counter. Thanks to the light and portable structure of the mixer, you can perform your tasks such as mixing and kneading wherever you want. On the other hand, Fakir designed this mixer with 2 stainless steel whisking apparatus and 2 stainless steel kneading apparatus. With just one hand mixer, you can effortlessly handle mixing and kneading food.

After you are done with the mixer, you can safely remove the whisking and kneading apparatus with the “eject” button on the device. The eject button on the mixer is designed to protect against kitchen accidents that may occur. There are powerful motors in the closed part of the mixer that support the device. The motors in the mixer work with 500-600 Watt. There are 5 different speed levels on the device. At the same time, you can use the mixer to turbo function more quickly. You can adjust the different speed settings according to the ingredients you mix or knead. The speed settings found on the poor hand mixer allow you to have more control in the kitchen.

Practical, Versatile Usability

The Fakir Erica hand mixer, powered by electricity, is more practical to use than to knead dough by hand or whisk the ingredients. The manual whisking and kneading process takes both more power and more time. By using this mixer equipped with technological features, you can get the desired results in a short time without tiring yourself. Designed in an ergonomic structure, the device does not cause undesirable situations such as hand and wrist pain even after long use.

You may need a whisk and dough mixer to prepare meals, desserts, sauces, puree and many more. The Erica hand mixer offers you more than just whisking eggs. With this mixer, you can prepare your cake, cookie, puree and salad sauce mixes in minutes. On the other hand, you can knead bread, pastries, donuts and many other pastries effortlessly with the dough kneading apparatus of the hand mixer. Thanks to the poor Erica hand mixer, you can prepare your mixes homogeneously. A homogeneous mixture is especially important for pastries such as cakes and bread to have the exact consistency.


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Erica Hand Mixer Red
42 $
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