Lucina-Black-Blender Set-1000 W-1,5 Capacity Bowl

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Fakir Lucina Blender Set is the perfect appliance to make your smoothie or milkshake. Moreover, the set also has a steel mixer and chopper attachment for all your cake-making, cream-whipping, vegetable-chopping needs, and much more. Fakir Lucina Blender Set is a perfect addition to your kitchen. It makes for an ideal present for the holidays. Fakir Lucina Blender Set offers other functions that go beyond blending, some of these functions are listed below.

Fakir Lucina Blender Set, stands out with its powerful features and ergonomic design. Providing a great ease of use to its users, the Fakir Blender Set can be used for a long time thanks to its stainless steel apparatus. The product, which allows you to mix and chop all materials with its wide measuring bowl and chopper bowl, is one of your best helpers in the kitchen with all its other features. All you have to do is enjoy the convenience and practicality.

Unique Benefits of the Fakir Lucina Blender Set

The product, which has stainless steel apparatus, offers a long-lasting use. The product, which has 4 different functions such as chopping, slicing, whisking and blender, performs all these processes for you. The Fakir Lucina Blender Set, which has a chopper bowl with a capacity of 1500 ml and a measuring cup with a capacity of 900 ml, allows you to chop and bite all ingredients at the same time. The non-slip base in the product that prevents slipping contributes to ease of use. The product, which has an ergonomic design, does not tire you during use and offers you practicality. Having a modern design, the product provides an elegant and stylish look in your kitchen.

Fakir Lucina Blender Set is the answer to all your needs whether you’re looking for efficiency, durability, or aesthetic design. Also, German-engineered technology in Fakir’s appliances makes them a hallmark for quality and reliability.

Weight 2.10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 19 × 29 cm


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Lucina-Black-Blender Set-1000 W-1,5 Capacity Bowl
81 $
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