Lucca-Q Hand Blender Set-Rosie-1000W-900 ML Cup

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Fakir Lucca Q Blender Set is the perfect appliance to make your smoothie or milkshake. Moreover, the set also has a steel mixer and chopper attachment for all your cake-making, cream-whipping, vegetable-chopping needs, and much more. Fakir Lucca Q Blender Set is a perfect addition to your kitchen. It makes for an ideal present for the holidays. Fakir Lucca Q Blender Set offers other functions that go beyond blending, some of these functions are listed below.

Make Everything, Not Just Smoothies

Fakir Lucca Q Blender Set is not just a blender that makes smoothies and milkshakes. The set also includes a chopper or mini-processor and a mixer that you can connect to the handheld blender. Also, Lucca Q blender set has a chopper attachment which helps you whip cream with ease. Fakir?s Blender set is made from a stainless steel mixer attachment. This blender set can solve more than half of your problems in the kitchen, now faster than ever.

Enjoy Your Smoothies in No Time

When the mood for a smoothie strikes, you don?t want to spend too much time making it. This is why you should meal prep your ingredients and Fakir Lucca Q Blender will help you have your smoothies and milkshakes ready in a pinch. Fakir Lucca Q Blender is equipped with a high wattage of 1000 W. The handheld blender can blend vegetables and fruits of any size without clogging up or needing a second to cool down. Its high wattage makes it a strong and powerful blender.

Make Enough Smoothies for The Family

Making smoothies or milkshakes in batches is a challenge, especially if you’re preparing for guests. That’s why Fakir Lucca Q blender comes with a big container. To match your blending needs. With the Lucca Q Blender Set, you also get a 900 ml capacity measuring cup. Now, you can make large amounts of milkshakes at once or use the measuring cup to prepare the ingredients for your meal. It is a multi-purpose tool, just like Fakir Lucca Q Blender Set.

No More Slipping

How many times have you had the mini-processor of your blender set slip? The high speed of the blender set when combined with the wet kitchen counters makes it hard for you to have a grip over the blender. The base of Fakir Lucca Q Blender Set has a non-slip sole that prevents the appliance from slipping when its high-speed motor is running and help you avoid any unwanted spillage or messiness

Ergonomic Handle for Easy Handling

Fakir Lucca Q Blender Set has an ergonomic design that allows you to use it conveniently and easily without any effort. The design makes the blender look sleek and modern. The set will match the modern style of your kitchen, and add an elegant touch to your kitchen.

Fakir Lucca Q Blender Set is the answer to all your needs whether you’re looking for efficiency, durability, or aesthetic design. Also, German-engineered technology in Fakir’s appliances makes them a hallmark for quality and reliability.

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Lucca-Q Hand Blender Set-Rosie-1000W-900 ML Cup
94 $
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