Veyron Turbo Xl Bagless Vac Cleaner Pink

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Cleaning your house using conventional cleaning methods could be quite challenging. A bagged vacuum cleaner could be quite hard to operate and maintain as it is prone to tangled wires, harder to move and tough to reach each area. It would usually take a little more effort to clear the dust and dirt of a bagged vacuum cleaner.

Fakir is a renowned manufacturer of household appliances that make daily chores look simple. What if you could clean your home with minimal effort and maximum efficiency? You can make vacuuming look effortless and joyful with Fakir Veyron Turbo XL. Loaded with an array of features, the Veyron Turbo XL, will help you navigate easily and clear dirt and dust in hard to reach areas with minimal effort.

Make Vacuuming Easy with Fakir Veyron Turbo XL

Most conventional bagged vacuum cleaners are quite noisy and tend to use a lot of energy while in operation. Fakir Veyron Turbo XL is a bagless vacuum cleaner. With its energy-efficient operation, it helps you make cleaning easily. It is equipped with energy-efficient technology. You do not need to worry about tangled wires as the Turbo XL is equipped with an automatic cable winder that allows you to manoeuvre your apparatus much easier.

Hard to Reach Areas are No More out of Reach

Do not miss out on those hard to clean spots, as Veyron Turbo XL is a narrow area cleaning apparatus that lets you keep those hard to reach areas spic and span. Controlling the speed of the cleaner is not complicated with its electronically adjustable vacuum power. This makes adjusting the speed of the machine simple while trying to get rid of that stubborn accumulation of dust in corners. Disposing accumulated waste becomes much easier with the bagless operation. Fakir Veyron Turbo XL is equipped with a light warning system in its chamber, which is an indicator of the vacuum cleaner filter group.

Clean with Precision

Fakir Veyron Turbo XL has a 750 W 2200mAh motor, which is powerful enough to remove small debris. It is loaded with the HEPA 13 filter, which filters 0.1-micron particles per litre of air, thereby filtering dirt in a much efficient manner. Hepa filters comprise various fibres, which enables easy filtering of trap, dirt, dust, impurities and allergens in the air. You can even get rid of some harmful germs without using any external cleaning agent. Also, you can clean the HEPA filter by removing the buildup of dust, which allows you to reuse it and increase the life of the filter.

A Versatile Vacuum Cleaner with Simple Operation

Veyon Turbo XL notifies whether the chamber filter group is full or clogged with its red light. With a relatively silent motor regulated with a low noise level on both carpet and hard floors, you can operate the device without disturbing your neighbours. The excellent dust collection capability and low dust release enhance your cleaning experience and make your daily chores simple.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 59 × 34 cm


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Veyron Turbo Xl Bagless Vac Cleaner Pink
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