Starky-Oko Stick-V.C-700W-1,2L-Dust Capacity-2 In 1

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Fakir has been focusing on offering consumers top of the line home appliances. It is made sure that the consumer’s every need is met with the precise German technology. It excels in creating floor cleaning and floor care appliances, among other products. With Fakir Starky Oko Vacuum Cleaner ensuring optimum cleanliness, you no longer need to worry about persistent dirt and dust. It can be detached from the handle and pedal floor to function as a hand vacuum cleaner, helping you clean hard to reach surfaces. Along with the ergonomic design, Fakir Starky Oko proves to be an ideal choice.

Fakir Starky Oko Power Bagless 2-in-1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Fakir Starky Oko not only helps you but also the environment. With its adjustable vacuum suction power and 6-meter long cable, you can easily reach every corner of your house. Apart from its compact design, it has an eco-friendly technology.

Green Technology, Best in-Line

Clean more, spend less as Fakir Starky Oko operates at minimum energy yet offers maximum performance. Starky provides vacuum power equivalent to 1600 Watts while only consuming 800 Watts of energy due to its energy efficiency design. This makes the vacuum nature-friendly and ecologically balanced.

In addition to being energy-efficient, it is also health-friendly with its High-Efficiency Particulate Air-filter (HEPA). These HEPA filters can filter out fine dust particles that tend to cause respiratory diseases such as allergies and asthmatic reactions. This filter purifies the air from dust and protects you from various outside particles such as viruses, air from asbestos, airborne toxins, bacteria, and aerosols. It can capture dust up to the size of 0.03 microns. The filters can be washed with water to discard the wastes and toxins.

Clean Every Nook and Cranny

Sweep anywhere you want with ease, as Fakir Starky Oko offers adjustable vacuum suction power. With its 6-meter long cable, you do not have to think about the wire not being enough for cleaning around a seven-meter radius. Besides, no corner is unreachable with this Fakir Starky Oko, thanks to its edge corner apparatus, which is ideal for cleaning every inch of dust in your home, whether in a corner or under any furniture. You can use it as both a vertical broom and a handheld vacuum cleaner, increasing its areas of accessibility.

With a 1-liter tank capacity, you do not have to worry about emptying the tank often and keep on cleaning for a longer duration. As the handle is easily rotatable, you do not need to move much while trying to clean around yourself.

Practical and Powerful

Unlike usual vacuum cleaners which need an additional storage space to be kept in, Fakir Starky Oko does not take much space as it can stand upright. With the compact design, dual function, and high suction power, Fakir Starky Oko is a welcome addition to any household conscious about keeping their homes clean. In addition, the vacuum cleaner includes a plug-in edge apparatus. With this edge corner apparatus, you can clean every corner in your home without having to worry about leaving it untouched. And with its pedal floor apparatus, you can clean every nook and corner without having to lean over a lot.

The practical and powerful Fakir Starky Oko Vacuum cleaner keeps your home clean. As the cleaner uses eco-friendly technology, you can contribute to a safer environment. Coupled with its lightweight, you have on your hands a champion of cleanliness at low effort.

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 19 × 59 cm


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Starky-Oko Stick-V.C-700W-1,2L-Dust Capacity-2 In 1
94 $
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