Starky Has 222-Rechargeable Vc-22.2V-40Min (Ot)

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Dusting and cleaning have just been redefined with the Fakir HSA 252 Starky Vertical Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner. Quality meets efficiency as Fakir Starky ensures better cleaning for your homes with minimal effort. Be it carpeted floors or hard flooring, this cleaner has got you covered. Fakir offers innovative solutions to ease life at home. With German technology, Fakir makes sure each and every product offered to consumers is delivered with the utmost care when it comes to quality.

Advantages of Fakir Starky HSA 252 Vertical Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

Fakir Starky HSA 252 offers optimum handling, eliminating any clutter as it is a wireless design. Additionally, the detachable handle functions as a separate handheld unit to help you clean narrow spaces ensuring perfect cleaning in every nook and cranny of your home. And what?s more? It does so with relative ease. As the handle sports a ?Start? button, it provides the user with ease of use in both situations.

Cyclone Technology

Fakir Starky uses cyclone technology to ensure great performance and controlled cleaning. Cyclone technology separates fine dust from dirt particles, making cleaning a simpler, easier process than before.

Quick and Easy Cleaning with Fakir Starky

Fakir Starky Vertical Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner comes with a combination nozzle containing both a crevice nozzle and furniture brush for picking up all the dust instead of sending it flying all over the place. With the brush element being easily flippable, you can clean beneath drawers, upholstery joints, or room corners with relative ease.

The furniture brush of the Fakir Starky HSA 252 Vertical Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner can clean your furniture with ease and precision, while the crevice nozzle, on the other hand, takes care of dry dust in the corners and edges of your room. So you can ensure complete and total cleaning of all the edges of your home with only a vertical vacuum cleaner, thanks to Fakir?s appliances and advanced technology.

A dust container lets you go for longer intervals without requiring you to empty the tank every once in a while. Also, its design makes cleaning the tank extremely easy.

It is rather easy to move the vacuum cleaner around with its floor-friendly ergonomic wheels and its 3.25 kgs weight. And because of its vertical structure, it doesn?t take much space when it comes to storage either.

A Single Charge for A Spotless Home

Fakir Starky carries a 25.2 V Li-ion battery. It can work for up to 55 minutes with the reduced suction option selected. You can carry out one whole cleaning session per charge, making it an ideal addition to your home.

It also comes with an electronic free-standing charging station to charge your cleaner with utmost ease and keep it in that position, requiring no extra unplugging or re-plugging.

Thus, worry no more about the persistent dust and dirt accumulating in the corners of your rooms. All it takes for a clean home is one right step – take out your Fakir Starky off its station and put it to use on your way to making your home cleaner

Weight 2.79 kg
Dimensions 11 × 20 × 27 cm


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Starky Has 222-Rechargeable Vc-22.2V-40Min (Ot)
200 $
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