Rocky Sb 5150-Non Rechargeable

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Maintaining a healthy environment is the utmost priority these days. It?s essential to keep your home clean every day to prevent yourself from unknown foreign particles. However, dusting your entire house is definitely not an easy task. That?s where vacuum cleaners come to your rescue! Vacuuming is the ideal technique to keep your personal and office space spick and span.

You need not hunt for the right device when Fakir brings it to you at your doorstep. Fakir, the leading home appliance manufacturer, provides unique products that make your life simpler. Presenting to you Fakir Rocket two in one vacuum cleaner that handles your mess better and quicker. Transform the way you clean with this incredible appliance. Fakir Rocket two in one vacuum cleaner is the perfect fit for your varying cleaning needs.

Why Choose Fakir Rocket Two in One Vacuum Cleaner?

Fakir vacuum cleaners are widely known for their long-lasting performance and supreme technology. Warding off the dust is no more a worry! With Fakir Rocket two in one vacuum cleaner, you can switch onto hassle-free cleaning. You can move around the device across any direction, be it carpets, upholstery, furniture cushions, and so on. It even reaches the hidden spots and inaccessible corners of your house with ease.

Fakir Rocket two in one vacuum cleaner is a breeze for everyone, incorporated with exceptional features. Crafted with impressive German technology, this cleaner is all set to give spotless shine to your home with precision and quality. Fakir vacuum cleaner is specially customized to handle accumulated dust and tough stains.

Ergonomically Designed for Convenient Usage

You must explore the technical and design aspects of the appliance before making a purchase. Fakir Rocket two in one vacuum cleaner is meticulously built with smart, secure, and stylish features. It efficiently expels the dirt, pollen, and allergens swiftly with optimum suction power (500W) and high voltage (220-240V). This dynamic cleaner sports three standard filters, EPA 10 filter, coupled with two motor protection filters. They act as a strong mechanism against dust particles and foreign agents.

The cord length of Fakir Rocket two in one vacuum cleaner is seven meters. So, you can carry the device effortlessly and clean every nook and corner due to its flexible nature. The device has a large-size dust container that collects all the dirt quickly; make sure you have the container installed before operating it. It?s super simple to empty this container. Just press the lid release button and dump the collected dust directly into a bin. The best part of the Fakir vacuum cleaner is that you can assemble all the essential parts easily on your own without any help.

Versatile Device for Cleaner and Happier Homes

Fakir Rocket two in one vacuum cleaner acts as your personalized cleaning partner, achieving sparkling shine to your personal and commercial spaces. It also comes along with a floor nozzle, furniture brush, and additional accessories to support flawless cleaning. It works wonders on persistent dirt and stains with its deep cleaning process. All you need is an expert vacuum cleaner that helps you achieve a happy and healthy home!



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Rocky Sb 5150-Non Rechargeable
103 $
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