Robert Ii 770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Remember when your mother told you that your room wasn?t going to clean itself? Well, it turns out it can! Excellent design meets efficient technology in this exclusive Fakir Robert RS 770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Bring home this intelligent helper and redefine cleanliness. Don’t stress about cleaning or take time out of your schedule for tedious cleaning chores. Fakir has been making life at home easier with household appliances carefully crafted with German technology. Every product made by Fakir delivers precision, quality and care.

Feel Special with the Fakir Robert RS 770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Fakir Robert RS 770 comes with various impressive features that ensure a worry-free automated cleaning experience. The advanced technology of this robotic vacuum cleaner means you won?t need to worry about dust, hair, or pet hair in your house. You can use it with minimal effort daily to maintain a clean floor, choosing between 2 speeds based on your requirements.

Auto-Control and Smart Navigation System

All you have to do is push the “Start” button and go about your business, letting the Fakir Robert RS 770 Robot Vacuum create a spotless, clean home. Its smart navigation system, along with control sensors, can detect obstacles, stairs, and corners. It even navigates around inhabitants.

You can program the robot vacuum cleaner to start the automatic cleaning process even when you aren’t at home or time it to clean at night when you are fast asleep. As its 24-Watt linear current DC motor emits less than 65 decibels of noise, you will never hear it working.

Convenient Auto-Charging

It’s equipped to be completely autonomous, thanks to its auto-charging capability. This lets it find its way back to the charging station all on its own, giving you total freedom and piece of mind.

Design Prowess of the Fakir Robot Vacuum Cleaner Robert RS 770

The Fakir Robert RS 770 can clean your floor, hard surfaces, carpets, under and around furniture, as well as in every corner of your home. Thanks to its smartly designed ergonomic-frame, no spot is inaccessible. It is equipped with side-sweeping brushes ideal for clearing dust and a rubber roller for more persistent dirt on your floors or carpets. This ensures a cleaner environment inside your home. The vacuum cleaner also sports advanced vacuuming techniques ensuring a perfect cleaning experience.

Fakir’s Robert RS 770 comes with Efficient Particulate Air filters (EPA) that keep the air quality high by filtering microparticles while the unit is vacuuming your home. Plus, the dust container/bag can hold up to 500 ml of dry dust, which ensures a longer service time between cleanings. Also, it features an “Easy Emptying” design for better ease of use. In addition, its top-of-the-line 14.4 V / 2.5 Ah Li-ion battery lets the Fakir Robert RS 770 function non-stop for up to 150 minutes on a single charge. And it takes up to 5 hours to completely charge the unit, making it an ideal choice for everyday use.

Professional Add-ons

Fakir’s Robert RS 770 includes accessories that are required for the unit’s general cleaning needs. It also includes the charging station, a remote control that lets you program and operates the cleaner at ease, two side brushes, and a replacement filter for convenient maintenance. Cleanliness is just a click away! With the Fakir Robert RS 770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, enjoy an effortlessly spotless, clean home

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Robert Ii 770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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