Robert Ii 720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Brooms continue to be constantly renewed in order to make our lives easier over time. Time is very important for us, especially in this period when our lives are becoming more practical. The latest technology that brings this practicality to our lives is robot vacuums. With its features, the robot vacuum makes house cleaning extremely comfortable, simple and non-tiring. The Fakir Robert II RS 720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner also does the cleaning for you thanks to its technologies. Thus, you can clean and spare time for yourself at the same time. The product, which maps your home the first time you run it, adjusts all cleaning cycles according to this map. In short, the Robert II RS 720 offers you much more than a vacuum cleaner with the latest technology.

Wifi Applied Remote Control

Robert II RS 720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be controlled remotely with its wifi application. In this way, you can easily direct your robot vacuum cleaner.

Control by Sensors
Your vacuum cleaner’s smart navigation system is controlled by sensors located in the vacuum cleaner. These sensors also act as a guide to your vacuum. Sensors that detect walls, elevations, stair steps and all obstacles ensure that your vacuum works cautiously against these obstacles. Thus, your vacuum will protect itself from possible dangers.

Auto-Charging Feature

The Fakir Robert II RS 720 is so smart that it senses when its battery runs out and takes it to charge itself. Moving directly to the charging station, the robot vacuum charges itself enough for the cleaning period and then continues the cleaning process from where it left off. Thus, an uninterrupted cleaning is always with you.

Schedule Cleaning Time

You can clean whenever you want. For this, you can program the cleaning time on the Robert II RS 720. Thanks to the programmable cleaning time, your robot vacuum knows when to start. So you can clean even when you are not at home. While you’re at work, your robot vacuum makes your home more livable and cleaner for you.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 32 × 32 cm


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Robert Ii 720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
403 $
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