Filter Pro-Bagless-V.C Blue-800W

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Bagless vacuum cleaners have become more popular. They have better suction power than bagged ones because the conventional bagged vacuum cleaners often tend to lose power as the bag gets filled up in time. Besides bagless vacuum cleaners are equipped with canisters rather than bags, which make them so much easier to empty and clean.

Features of Fakir Filter Pro Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Fakir Filter Pro is powered with a powerful 800 W motor and electronically adjustable vacuum power with a 360-degree rotating speed button. This unique feature lets you get those hard to reach areas cleaned with ease. You need not worry about stubborn dust particles lingering around or getting caught in the machine as it is loaded with Ionizer technology, which lowers airborne dust to the ground. So such stubborn dust particles are sure to be reduced to nothing as they get sucked into the vacuum.

User-Friendly, Noiseless Operation

If you worry about the loud noise of vacuum cleaners, Fakir Filter Pro is regulated with the optimum noise level and a 65 decibel sound level at its lowest setting. Moreover, you can see the dust particles as you clear them with the LED light attached to the floor apparatus. The Filter Pro?s motor is shielded by a two-layer motor protection filter consisting of a sponge and felt filter.

The Filter Pro Bagless Vacuum Cleaner lets you move around easily and reach hard to access areas with its flexible vacuum hose with a steel wire and an automatic cable winder. With its 4.5 litre dust container, you could do a week?s cleaning without having to clear the canister, provided your house does not accumulate voluminous dust. Its superior ESF technology makes the filtration of 0.3-micron dust particles look like a cakewalk.

Easy Cleaning with Filters and Additional Accessories

Make the most of vacuuming with Fakir Filter Pro Bagless Vacuum Cleaner and let your carpet, upholstery, and floor shine bright. With added features like an activated carbon filter, pollen filter, cyclone filter, electrostatic filter, and air outlet filter, the Filter Pro makes your mundane daily chore look like a walk in the park. The machine is a 3 in 1 apparatus, which can be used to clean upholstery, edge corner apparatus, and furniture with just the push of a button. You can simply plug-in your headphones, play some music and start vacuuming.

Detergent and such chemicals are not the only way to get rid of germs. The Filter Pro?s H.E.P.A 13 filter is a high-quality fabric filter that sucks harmful germs flawlessly. However, when you are disposing of the accumulated dust in the canister, you need to be careful as there may be germs in it. Fakir Filter Pro will make your daily cleaning routine much lighter with its turbo apparatus, which provides superior performance on all floors and the telescopic vacuum tube


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Filter Pro-Bagless-V.C Blue-800W
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