Fakir Freelander Bl 6058 Vc-Blue

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Getting rid of the stubborn dirt in the corners and keeping each area of your house or workplace spic and span could be challenging if you rely on a traditional mop and a broom for cleaning. Also, using conventional cleaning methods might not be quite efficient as fine dust particles and smaller debris could often be left out. Fakir specialises in designing and distributing home appliances built to address various needs and make daily chores look much simpler. Fakir Freelander BL6058 vacuum cleaner is here to make cleaning like a walk in the park. It is designed robustly to ensure that even the finest dirt particles are eliminated. It is compact, easy to store, and operate, thanks to its simple controls and easy operation.

User-friendly and Hassle-Free Cleaning with Fakir Freelander

Fakir Freelander BL 6058 is a uniquely designed vacuum cleaner that is easy to carry around and gives a wide cleaning range thanks to its long 5 meters cord. Sometimes, reaching the ceiling to get rid of those stubborn cobwebs could be a challenging task. The vacuum cleaner comes with an adjustable telescopic extension pipe that helps you clean hard-to-reach areas. Attach the crevice nozzle to the pipe and get rid of those stubborn cobwebs stuck on the ceiling. If you find cleaning a large room to be a challenge, do not worry, the device?s radius of use extends to 8 meters.

Power-Packed Cleaning with Adjustable Floor and Sensitive Upholstery Nozzles

Dust is bound to accumulate on various surfaces, and each surface may not be the same. Some surfaces could be harder to clean with increased friction. Also, cleaning furniture by applying a little more pressure could result in scratches too. Fakir Freelander BL 6058 comes with three different nozzle attachments that can be used interchangeably. These nozzles are uniquely designed for cleaning specific areas. The vacuum cleaner comes with an adjustable floor nozzle, sensitive upholstery nozzle, and crevice nozzle.

Clean floors and carpets using the adjustable floor nozzle. With this attachment, you can use the device as a conventional mop to rid the floor of dirt and grime. Sometimes fine fabric from upholstery could get caught by the cleaner; use the sensitive upholstery nozzle on such fine fabric or furniture to ensure a smooth and damage-free cleaning. The crevice nozzle can be used to cover hard-to-reach areas such as ceilings and hard-to-access corners.

Free up The Finest Dust and Debris with Fakir Freelander

Dust, grime, and debris are a sore sight for the eye. Also, there are chances that some of them could be left out while cleaning. Fakir Freelander BL 6058 is equipped with Hepa 13 and Cassette filters, sponge, and felt filters designed to eliminate even the finest dust and debris. With a dust cup volume of two litres, the device can carry a sizable amount of dust that is easy to dispose of, thanks to its simple controls. Whether you are cleaning your floor or expensive upholstery or furniture, Fakir Freelander vacuum cleaner will make cleaning look like a breeze. Clean with efficiency, precision, and elegance with Fakir Freelander BL6058


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Fakir Freelander Bl 6058 Vc-Blue
230 $
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