Bestea Tea Maker Red Black

120 $

Automatic shut-off and warm-keeping function
Cable storage slot available
Cordless usage, 360° rotation connector
Indication light: red for boiling/green for keep-warm function
Prevention of calcification thanks to the hidden resistance
Safety system against overheating and boiling without water

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Drinking tea can literally bring different cultures together. It doesn?t matter where you are in the world. You are bound to have belonged to a culture that embraces tea as a staple drink. It should come to no one?s surprise that drinking tea is to be taken seriously. And that?s precisely why the Fakir Bestea Tea Machine is a must-have for all tea lovers out there.

When boiling tea, numerous tools and instruments are needed to do the job. With this device, you’re getting all that you need in one neat package.

The Perfect Tea with the Fakir Bestea Tea Machine

There are very few things in the world that can really compare to bonding with others over a pot of well-prepared tea. And of course, if you really want to make sure to serve quality tea, you also need to invest in tools that are up to the task. That is precisely why the Fakir Bestea Tea Machine is worth buying for anyone who loves tea.

The machine includes all the tools you could possibly need to brew the perfect comforting cup of tea. The dual-cylinder system is designed to completely separate the steeping and dripping process. This way you get the chance to really maximize the full flavor of the tea leaves with every single brew.

Stylish and Functional Design

It?s hard to deny that the Fakir Bestea Tea Machine is elegantly styled. It maintains a classic elegance while also retaining that minimal modernism that fits into any contemporary kitchen or dining space. It is more than just esthetic properties; this tea maker is also functionally built. This means that every design aspect of the device serves a particular purpose and showcases a level of attention to detail that really sets itself apart.

Varied Color Options

If you?re not entirely happy with one color option, you don?t have to worry. The Fakir Bestea Tea Machine comes in more than five different color varieties, e.g., white, black/red, red/black, black/violet, and purple. Therefore, you don?t have to settle for one that doesn?t exactly fit your personal preferred esthetics.

Automatic Power Down

When brewing tea, you won?t need to hover over it as you wait until it?s done. That?s why the Fakir Bestea Tea Machine is fitted with an automatic power-down feature. This way, you can leave your tea for a while knowing it?s waiting for you.

Excellent Build Quality

Investing in the Fakir Bestea Tea Machine means investing in a product that is built to last. It?s made out of high-quality glass which is built to withstand multiple uses. In addition, it?s fabricated from the finest materials to ensure longevity and durability.


Weight 2.16 kg
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 39 cm


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Bestea Tea Maker Red Black
120 $
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