Judy-White Kettle-1.7L-2200W

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Fakir Judy kettle becomes one of your biggest supporters in the kitchen with its technology and usefulness. Using the kettle with a capacity of 1.7 liters, you can practically prepare hot coffees, herbal teas or other delicious drinks for yourself, your family or your guests. Using 2200 Watts of energy, the Fakir Judy water heater also comes to your aid when you need hot water for any reason. Fakir kettle is appreciated with its painted stainless steel body, stainless steel concealed resistance and 360 degree rotating cordless design.

Large Water Heating Capacity

Kettle models are among the most functional kitchen appliances. The poor Judy kettle completes your kitchen with its functions. The 1.7-liter water heating capacity of the product ensures that the hot water you need while brewing tea, preparing a hot drink or cooking is ready. The water level indicator on the back of the product allows you to easily see the amount of water in the reservoir without opening the lid. Thanks to the scale on the water level window, you can heat exactly as much water as you need. After adding enough water to the device, all you have to do is press the on/off button. The device, which works with 2200 Watts of power, allows the water to come to the boiling point quickly.

Practical Use

The Fakir Judy kettle promises practicality when you want to brew tea or prepare coffee quickly, or when you need hot water for a meal on the stove. The poor water heater also draws attention with its ease of use features. The ergonomic handle on the top of the product allows you to lift and carry the device comfortably. Thanks to the drip-free spout, you can easily pour water into the glasses. In the heater base part of the device, there is a 360-degree rotating cable winder. Thus, when you are finished with the kettle, you can collect the product cable at the bottom of the device and reduce the cable crowd on the counter. The cable winder slot also provides convenience when removing the device from the counter and moving it to another location.

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Judy-White Kettle-1.7L-2200W
39 $
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