Kaave-Red-Turkish Coffee Maker-735W

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Fakir Kaave Steel Turkish Coffee Machine is a powerful 735W coffee maker that?s very easy to use and is built with quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Aside from that, the machine also has a built-in light and sound warning mechanism that makes the coffee making process intuitive and easy to follow. It also comes with a coffee measuring spoon to ensure the precision for every single serving.

Fakir Kaave Steel Turkish Coffee Machine is a 4-cup coffee maker that is capable of producing a liter of coffee with every brew. With Fakir Kaave Steel Turkish Coffee Machine being fitted with a Low Water Level Warning System, you know that you are constantly assured of a quality brew every single time. The inventive coffee machine essentially does most of the work on your behalf. The coffee maker is fitted with an easy-to-use LED Panel that is easy to read. The LED panel only adds to the overall convenience and ease of use of the coffee maker. This way, you don?t have to fiddle with too many complicated controls just to make a decent cup of coffee.

One of the greatest selling points of Fakir Kaave Steel Turkish Coffee Machine is its Luminasense Technology. There are very few things that are worse than having to clean up the messes left behind by poorly made coffee makers. Fortunately, this offering from Fakir boasts of a technology that prevents the overflow of liquid which minimizes the chances of spillage and messes.

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 80 × 31 cm




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Kaave-Red-Turkish Coffee Maker-735W
122 $
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