Coffee Rest-1000W-Led Screen

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Fakir Coffee Rest Filter Coffee Machine

Fakir Coffee Rest Filter Coffee Machine adds pleasure to all coffee lovers. You have the opportunity to use it easily in your home or office. It has an extremely ergonomic design.

Delicious Coffee Anytime of the Day with Fakir Coffee Rest Filter Coffee Machine!

The Fakir Coffee Rest Filter Coffee Machine is extremely easy to use. Thanks to its thick handle, it can be easily held without being affected by any temperature, and you fill your coffee. There is a liter indicator on the glass chamber. Thanks to its 1.25 liter capacity, you have the opportunity to prepare up to 12 cups at once. You can control the coffee machine very easily via the digital display panel. With the time setting, you enter the instruction to prepare your coffee in advance at the time of the day and your coffee will be ready at that time. On the LED screen, you keep track of all your transactions. There is a water filter on the side of the Fakir Coffee Rest Filter Coffee Machine. While preparing your coffee, you can easily adjust your water amount according to the indicator here, how many cups you want to make. The most important feature that distinguishes Fakir Coffee Rest Filter Coffee Machine from its counterparts is that it has a flavored coffee setting. With the 1 – 4 Cup button located under the digital display, you can adjust the aroma and strength of your coffee as you wish. Fakir Coffee Rest Filter Coffee Machine automatically turns itself off after preparing your coffees. Therefore, you do not need to wait in front of the machine while your coffee is being prepared. When your coffee is ready, you keep the coffee hot for 40 minutes and drink it in full consistency. Likewise, there are security measures for dehydration and it automatically turns itself off. Fakir Coffee Rest Filter Coffee Machine has a non-drip feature. In this way, its environment always remains clean. The removable filter and jug can be cleaned very easily, either by hand or in the dishwasher.


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Coffee Rest-1000W-Led Screen
71 $
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