Cafe Prestige Coffee Maker

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Filter coffee, which is among the most delicious coffee varieties, richly contains the aroma and fragrance of roasted coffee beans. Filter coffee, which can be prepared easily and practically thanks to filter coffee machines, is one of the ideal options for those who want to start the day energetically or keep up with the high tempo. The Fakir Cafe Prestige filter coffee machine offers a delicious coffee experience thanks to its stylish design and useful features. For this experience, it is enough to put the ground coffee in the filter section and add water to the machine. Being an ideal coffee machine for users who love filter coffee and want to prepare it easily, Fakir Cafe Prestige has all the features needed for a delicious filter coffee.

Brew Easily with Fakir Cafe Prestige

Making it easy to prepare filter coffee, the filter coffee machine manages to attract attention with its user-friendly features. Thanks to its washable filter, you can brew coffee without the need for external paper filters. Thanks to its 1.5 liter water capacity, you can serve coffee for large groups of guests at once. Thanks to its automatic shut-off feature, it prevents accidents and saves energy. Keeping warm feature, your coffee stays hot for a long time after brewing. Thanks to its drip safety, it provides a clean usage experience.

Weight 1.85 kg
Dimensions 24 × 23 × 34 cm


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Cafe Prestige Coffee Maker
50 $
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