Beny-Turkish Coffe Maker-Inox-800W-300ML Capacity

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Do you love Turkish coffee? Making it like the professionals do can be quite difficult. To make the perfect cup of Turkish coffee, all you need is Fakir?s Beny Electric Turkish Coffee Maker. This wireless automatic coffee maker brews great coffee that will impress you and your guests.

Enjoy a Quick Cup of Coffee

Nobody likes to wait for their cup of coffee. And with Fakir?s Beny Coffee Maker, you won?t have to. The Beny Automatic Coffee Maker is equipped with an 800 W motor that guarantees fast boiling of water. The powerful motor ensures that you enjoy a quick cup of coffee that is full of flavor. Also, the speed of this automatic coffee maker doesn?t compromise the aroma or taste of your coffee.

Coffee with Style

Fakir?s Beny Automatic Coffee Maker is not only an efficient kitchen appliance but has a stylish design and is available in five different colors. This kitchen appliance by Fakir is the perfect choice for you. The purple and pink versions add vibrant colors to your kitchen. The silver one will go perfectly with modern and sleek kitchen decor. You can now impress your guests with the perfect cup of joe and a stylish, wireless coffee maker.

Safe Coffee Making with Beny

Using an electric kitchen appliance can be dangerous and create fire hazards. But not the Beny Coffee Maker. This coffee maker has a safety feature in place that prevents the appliance from overheating.

If you have had a long day or are in a rush, you might start the coffee maker without making sure it is ready to use. And if there is no water inside, the appliance may be damaged permanently or create a fire hazard. But the Beny Automatic Coffee Maker will not start if there is no water inside, making this appliance by Fakir completely safe.

Coffee For You and Your Loved Ones

Drinking coffee with friends and family only enhances the experience. But making coffee for everyone can be a tedious task. The Beny Coffee Maker has a 300ml water capacity, meaning that it can make up to 3 to 4 cups of coffee at one time. Just add water and press a button. The powerful motor works its magic to prepare your coffee with minimal prep and effort.

No More Messy Kitchen Cabinets and Counters

Fakir?s Beny automatic coffee maker is an easy-to-use and compact kitchen appliance. Its sleek appearance ensures that it looks great on your counters. And its small size makes it very easy to store in your cabinets.

Fakir?s Beny Coffee Maker is an efficient, stylish, and safe kitchen appliance. If you want to enjoy great coffee at home every day effortlessly, you will find this kitchen appliance incredibly useful.

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Beny-Turkish Coffe Maker-Inox-800W-300ML Capacity
38 $
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