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There are two types of people: tea drinkers or coffee drinkers. If you’re a coffee drinker, you know how important it is to get your caffeine every morning. But you will also know how time-consuming the process can be to make a single cup of coffee. So it?s only natural for you to seek a coffee machine to save time and produce high-quality coffee. Fakir’s German-engineered Babila Coffee Machine fits these needs and is designed with people like you in mind. You can enjoy your coffee which tastes like it was made by a professional.

What Makes Babila Coffee Machine The Best for You?

The ideal cup of coffee depends on your taste. Whether you enjoy drinking espresso or prefer coffee with milk (cappuccino or latte), Babila Coffee Machine can make it. And you can prepare them with the touch of a button. Also, it’s easy to clean and use, and it makes hot espresso just the way you want it. You can also heat and froth your milk to enjoy a mocha. Enjoy your coffee at home anytime. If you are an espresso enthusiast, it’s a fantastic machine in the world of espresso. It?s easy to use for beginners and more advanced coffee lovers.

Have More Control over Your Coffee

The Fakir Babila Coffee Machine can be the most suitable coffee machine for you if you want to have a coffee-shop professionality in your coffee. Fakir?s Babila Coffee Machine is designed to accommodate small and large size coffee selections. You can control the strength, blend and taste of your drink. It is also possible to use an ESE coffee pod, ground coffee, or instant ground coffee; only the grind has to be the right level. If you prefer a strong espresso taste, you can prepare two espresso shots at once with the Babila Coffee Machine or brew an extra cup of coffee for a guest.

Make Coffee with the Milk Frother

The Babila Coffee Machine is equipped with a steam nozzle to froth the milk. This is necessary to create coffee drinks like lattes. You can adjust the milk froth density depending on the coffee speciality you’re preparing. This process is done automatically by pressing the froth option button on the LCD front. This process will ease making your lattes every morning instead of buying them. The coffee machine comes with a removable milk container (500 ml). The milk can be left in the container or stored in the fridge.

How to Maintain the Babila Coffee Machine?

The Babila Coffee Machine is a semi-automatic coffee machine as it requires regular cleaning after use. Wipe the steam wand and the drip chamber after each use. To save energy, the Coffee Machine provides a sleep mode. Even if you forget to turn it off, it will automatically switch to energy-saving sleep mode. This coffee machine is designed for both novice coffee lovers and more experienced ones who enjoy the process of preparing a coffee.

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Babila Coffee Maker
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