Bouncy Waffle Maker Purple

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Fakir?s Bouncy Waffle Maker goes beyond what the basic waffle machine offers. And using Fakir?s Bouncy Waffle Maker is an easy way to make waffles without having to settle for a single usage appliance. Make your batter and plop it onto the waffle maker and it can take care of the rest of it. This electric waffle maker is a one-stop solution to all your waffle needs. There are many benefits that Fakir’s Bouncy Waffle can offer you. Like it is efficiency, simple operation, compact design, and many more.

Quick and Easy Waffles with Bouncy

The perfect breakfast, especially for the weekends, is one that doesn?t take too much effort. And for the weekdays, breakfast shouldn?t take too much time to make. Fakir?s waffle maker offers a practical, efficient, and fast way to make waffles. And the best part, you don?t have to be in the kitchen watching over, like with traditional waffle-makers. You can get ready, read the paper, or relax for a second while the waffle-maker prepares your waffles.

The Bouncy Waffle Maker has a power of 1000W. This is the highest and the optimal wattage possible for a kitchen appliance like a waffle maker. High power is directly related to a faster cooking time. It also ensures that your waffles are cooked all the way through. No more half-cooked, goopy mess of a waffle.

Fakir?s Bouncy waffle maker is equipped with non-stick waffle plates. This makes cleaning of the plates super easy, only requiring a thorough wipe down. It also ensures that your waffles don?t stick to the plate. No more scraping waffles from pans.

Delicious Waffles and Wide Kitchen Space

When buying any kitchen appliance, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the size. Will it fit in your kitchen or pantry? Or will it just be placed awkwardly on the kitchen counter? With Fakir?s Bouncy waffle maker, you can store it anywhere. Because it is a compact kitchen appliance that will fit in any of your cabinets easily.

Also, you can carry it around with ease, the Bouncy waffle maker comes with handles that allow for easier handling.

Both Fluffy or Crispy Waffles

When it comes to waffles, there is no one specific way of making them. You may like thick and fluffy waffles or thin and crispy waffles. Depending on your taste the cooking time changes. And it is usually a hassle to watch your waffles. But with Fakir?s waffle maker, the adjustable temperature settings along with LED indicators notifies you. The indicators blink to let you know when the waffle maker is ready for the waffle mixture. After adding the batter, you can choose the optimal temperature, based on your choice of waffle. The waffle maker will cook your waffles accordingly. And the LED indicator will blink to inform you when the waffles are ready.

Fakir?s Bouncy Waffle Maker is a compact, easy to use, and highly-efficient kitchen appliance. It is an aesthetically pleasing kitchen appliance that is available in two colors.

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 14 × 24 × 28 cm


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Bouncy Waffle Maker Purple
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