Tolero Steam Cooker

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Cooking is an essential part of everyday life, as it has a strong impact on people?s physical and emotional well-being. To make this process simpler, Fakir, a brand with an international reputation, has come up with world-class products designed to help its customers live a healthy, happy and convenient life. One such product is the Fakir Tolero Steamer, which quickly and easily steams fruit and vegetables.

Healthy Benefits of Using the Fakir Tolero Steamer

The Fakir Tolero Steamer has many convenient features that have the potential to enhance your health and happiness, as you can cook healthy food within minutes. Here is a look at some of the features that make this possible.

Quick and Healthy Meals

One of the biggest reasons to use the Fakir Tolero Steamer is that it doesn?t require any oil to cook. Imagine you?re making a stir-fry. You need at least a few spoons of oil, right? But with the Fakir Tolero Steamer, you don?t have to use any oil and, still, the food will be well-cooked.
This steamer comes with a 1000 W capacity, so food is cooked quickly. Also, its large 9.9-liter capacity is sufficient for a large family, so cooking for family and friends just got easier. In particular, the 1.2-liter bowl is a handy feature to have while cooking dishes with rice.
No Carcinogens Included

Carcinogens are a hidden enemy in our foods. While rarely a risk when using most cooking methods, their presence is a real possibility when you cook over charcoal, for example during barbecues. But with the Fakir Tolero Steamer, no charcoal is required, which means no carcinogens.

Preserves Vitamins and Minerals

When you boil vegetables in the Fakir Tolero Steamer, the vitamins and minerals are preserved. This is because cooking at extremely high temperatures destroys a lot of the nutrients. On the other hand, when you steam at medium heat, the vegetables are cooked and all their essential nutrients are preserved as well.

As a bonus, this steamer comes with three cooking baskets that can be stacked on top of each other to cook flavorful meals within a short time. One of the determining factors of obtaining well-cooked food that retains minerals and vitamins is the amount of water used. The good news is that Fakir?s Tolero Steamer has a 1.5-liter water capacity, and more importantly, the water level indicator lets you know the right amount of water for each item. For the best results, you can set the time for each type of food, so it is cooked to perfection without losing any nutrients.

Delicious Meals with the Fakir Tolero Streamer

Delicious meals made with the power of steam are quite possible with Fakir?s Tolero Steamer. With its design and cooking process, your meal can be kept fresh and cooked with a strong dose of steam for good texture. It?s also possible to cook different dishes at the same time.

No Change in Taste or Texture

When you steam food in Fakir?s Tolero Steamer, the original flavor of the vegetable is maintained because no additional ingredients are added. In addition, there is not much change in the texture, except that it is softer and more palatable.

Strong Steamer Power

The speed of cooking depends to a large extent on the steamer power. It is estimated that an average family would need a steamer with 850 to 1000 W capacity. Fakir?s Tolero Steamer operates at 1000 W.

Number of Steam Bowls

Another important aspect is the number of steam bowls. Fakir?s Tolero Steamer comes with three steam bowls, offering a convenient way to cook different foods separately, if preferred. All of the bowls have a stainless-steel surface, so they are easy to clean as well. Overall, a Fakir Tolero Steamer is a great addition to your kitchen, as you can cook healthier meals in a shorter time!

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