Cookwell 2000 Electrical Grill

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The Fakir Cookwell 2000 Electric Grill is a convenient and low-maintenance way to grill tasty food. These grills are designed to evenly cook food, so it tickles your taste buds and makes you come back for more. Coming from the house of Fakir, this product is well-known for its quality, durability, and ease of use.

Useful Features of the Fakir Cookwell 2000 Electric Grill

The Fakir Cookwell 2000 Electric Grill comes with many convenient features that are designed to make it easy for users to operate. Its many settings also enhance its versatility while the materials and design are conducive to easy cleaning and maintenance.

Handy Light Design

The design of the Fakir Cookwell 2000 Electric Grill makes cooking inviting. It is sure to be a hit among your friends and family members at a BBQ party. So, what is it that makes this product so enticing for your guests?

First off, it comes with a heat-resistant decorative glass cover that not only looks beautiful but is also highly heat resistant. The overall design is sleek and goes well with any decor on your patio or terrace. It even works well in indoor areas like a large kitchen. Its 27 X 38 cm dimensions make it portable as well.

You can integrate the Fakir Cookwell 2000 Electric Grill with a regular BBQ grill stand to give it a lot of stability. Also, you can place the stand at waist height for most men and women, so it feels comfortable to cook. The non-slip feet are a great bonus as well and stand well on most common surfaces.

Maintenance is the Key: Fakir Cookwell 2000 Electric Grill

Its oil drip tray is a handy way to collect excess oil, so there are no problems with oil spills and drips. The surface is sloped slightly to make it easy for the oil and grease to flow into the oil drip tray. It is also dishwasher-safe, including the glass lid and tray. The plate is made of non-stick materials that are corrugated, so the plates won?t rust or contaminate your food. Its non-slip feet and power indicator light are handy features that enhance usability and maintenance.

Easy Cleaning

One of the first things that comes to your mind while buying grills is the messy clean-up, but with the Fakir Cookwell 2000 Electric Grill, you can sit back and relax because cleaning is quick and easy. It has a dishwasher safe glass lid and tray, so these parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Superior Performance

The Fakir Cookwell 2000 Electric Grill comes with five different heat settings that you can change depending on the food that you?re cooking. Some foods like meat may need more heat than vegetables, so you can set it accordingly. There are five heat levels that you can choose depending on what you want to cook and the 2000W power of this smokeless grill will cook it to perfection. The display settings are well-designed for convenient use. The power light indicates when it is working. All these features make it easy to use this grill and enjoy the delicious food that it makes.

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Cookwell 2000 Electrical Grill
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